Definition of touch and go in US English:

touch and go

(also touch-and-go)


  • (of an outcome, especially one that is desired) possible but very uncertain.

    ‘it was touch and go there for a while whether they would make it’
    • ‘Do you anticipate any additional touch-and-go maneuvers?’
    • ‘The first was one of the most underappreciated events of the 1990s: getting Ukraine to give up its nuclear weapons, a touch-and-go process until the end.’
    • ‘For a city of 25,000 with a touch-and-go economy, it would seem that Delft circa 1650 was anything but the provincial backwater it has often been labeled.’
    • ‘In a touch-and-go rescue attempt, Marcus is finally freed from the tree.’
    • ‘Paddling on Lake Athabasca is a bumpy, touch-and-go affair.’
    • ‘It's been touch-and-go several times with money, and we always manage to pull through at the last minute.’
    • ‘I'd just started writing for City Pages and was well on my way to becoming a legitimate citizen after a rather touch-and-go adolescence.’
    • ‘Now it seems like he probably will, though it's still very touch-and-go.’
    • ‘And when he had his own touch-and-go situation - a heart attack with quadruple bypass surgery - the roles flip-flopped.’
    • ‘For the majority, reaching home dry is a touch-and-go affair as umbrellas are no use when the shower is accompanied by a strong breeze.’
    uncertain, unsure, unclear, dubious, tight, delicate
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  • A maneuver in which an aircraft touches the ground as in landing and immediately takes off again.

    • ‘Maybe we could do our touch-and-goes at several different airports.’
    • ‘Thoroughly warm the aircraft engine by taking the plane up for some touch-and-goes or a quick trip to a local airport for the usual high-cholesterol breakfast.’
    • ‘The navigator was asleep, the flight engineer was doing touch-and-goes at his panel, and the pilots were task-saturated for the routine nature of what we were doing.’
    • ‘This time the airwork and touch-and-goes were done at Stockton Airport.’
    • ‘He did 10 touch-and-goes on his next landing - I've never seen an airplane bounce so high so much, so far.’
    • ‘The only things left to do were a section approach, rejoin for a depart, reenter to the break, and a few touch-and-goes for landing training.’
    • ‘For example, a plane that makes many flights or touch-and-goes during the year should have its landing gear lubricated.’
    • ‘Obviously, this plane - this jet is not attempting those touch-and-goes at the Portland International Airport, otherwise you'd have to shut that down.’
    • ‘We hadn't felt anything odd during any of our touch-and-goes, and the gear had retracted normally.’
    • ‘The three-hour flight included approaches and touch-and-goes at NAS Corpus Christi, NAS Kingsville, Kleberg Co. and Alice.’


touch and go

/ˌtəCH ən ˈɡō//ˌtətʃ ən ˈɡoʊ/