Definition of toter in US English:



  • See tote

    in combination ‘a gun-toter’
    • ‘I also found a tricked out rusty red wagon, still in working condition, that we immediately put into service as a wood toter for Greg as he chopped firewood into kindling.’
    • ‘Most of those cell-phone toters pay a monthly phone bill, making it a snap to add a music charge.’
    • ‘Barely bigger than a book of matches, the Optima 2000 is going to make a lot of serious gun toters rethink their attitude about dot sights.’
    • ‘He had been denied a kill due to the interference of the gun toters.’
    • ‘There are plenty of guys who are bag toters, and there are plenty of guys who work their butts off and know everything about the course before you even take the club out of the bag.’