Definition of totalization in US English:


(British totalisation)


  • See totalize

    • ‘The functionalist sublime, conversely, dictates that a literary or artistic work have no object of representation: its meaning or significance lies in its totalization as sheer material facticity.’
    • ‘This is both a simplification and a totalization of human participation in communications technology, and measurement of the human gaze is one of its key interfaces.’
    • ‘There is a restriction of the types of discourse and thus a tendency against all totalizations; thus also the guiding principle of postmodernism.’
    • ‘Sexton's reluctance to conclude her writing on a resounding, authoritative, and thus normative and reassuring note is a sign of refusal to concede to totalization and of a wish to keep multiple interpretive possibilities open.’
    • ‘It is clear from your writing that you see such phrases as part of our colonial legacy and that you constantly struggle with language to create words which challenge constrictive totalizations.’