Definition of Total Quality Management in US English:

Total Quality Management


  • A system of management based on the principle that every staff member must be committed to maintaining high standards of work in every aspect of a company's operations.

    • ‘We've brought together what we think are some of the best material and articles on Total Quality Management, and continuous improvement.’
    • ‘Part of the change that has occurred has been the drive towards Total Quality Management.’
    • ‘Expert serves as a resource to Intota Market Research Services for customized marketing research in industries or areas related to Total Quality Management.’
    • ‘I developed a keen interest in Total Quality Management through my participation as a team member in the preparation of Baldrige-based quality award applications for the Department of the Army and Greater Austin Quality Council, beginning in the mid-1990s.’
    • ‘The following is a list of 14 of Pentel's slogans for explaining Total Quality Management and Quick and Easy Kaizen philosophy to its employees.’
    • ‘The purpose of this course is to provide the basic concepts and practices of Total Quality Management so you can apply these tools to your work and generate your your desired improvement results.’


Total Quality Management

/ˈtōdl ˈkwälədē ˌmanijmənt/