Definition of torula in US English:


nounPlural torulae

  • 1A yeast which is cultured for use in medicine and as a food additive, especially as a source of vitamins and protein.

    Candida utilis, subdivision Deuteromycotina

    • ‘Provesta Micro-Feast ® L - 10 larval diet, an enriched dehydrated torula yeast, was used in this study.’
    • ‘And there is no doubt whatever that fermentation is excited only by the presence of some torula or other, and that that torula proceeds in our present experience, from pre-existing torulae.’
    • ‘The protein quality in torula yeast is similar to that of soybean protein.’
    • ‘The company's fresh-baked Vegekibble for dogs is made of whole wheat and soy flour, corn meal, torula yeast, garlic, vegetable broth and a vegan supplement.’
    • ‘Atisholz is launching its natural torula yeast extracts under the Atis-YE brand.’
    • ‘Brewer's yeast and torula yeast are frequently confused with nutritional yeast.’
    • ‘Alternatively cooked and extruded rice products can be similarly improved with torula yeast prior to puffing.’
    • ‘The new yeast extract operations at Boyceville allows the manufacture of products based on brewers, bakers and torula yeast.’
    • ‘It is found naturally in dairy products, grains, meat, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, spirulina and torula yeast.’
  • 2A yeastlike fungus composed of chains of rounded cells, several kinds growing on dead vegetation and some causing infections.

    Genus Torula (or formerly this genus), subdivision Deuteromycotina: several species, in particular T. herbarum, which grows on dead grasses

    • ‘The London County Country Medical Officer discovered, for example, the following in samples of ice cream: cocci, bacilli, torulae, cotton fiber, lice, bed bugs, bug's legs, fleas, straw, human hair, and cat and dog hair.’


Modern Latin (genus name), diminutive of Latin torus ‘swelling, bolster’.