Definition of tortuously in US English:



  • See tortuous

    ‘tortuously twisting logic’
    • ‘We wound our way tortuously through the rugged hills of the Sierra de la Peña.’
    • ‘The way that capitalism shifts money from place to place, account to account, in order to make it work for the investor often is tortuously complicated.’
    • ‘Last night I went through a series of garish and tortuously overplotted dreams.’
    • ‘Slowly, tortuously and doubtless with many setbacks, change will come.’
    • ‘The first sign of life is a tiny vehicle, winding its way tortuously along the thin white thread of a dirt road snaking through the rocky terrain.’
    • ‘Cardiff had to light up to eight rooms at a time, with electricians following a tortuously complex series of lighting cues.’
    • ‘Not only did we break the story about the new kitemark for credit cards, but we pre-empted the statement by outlining the tortuously complicated way charges are levied on customers.’
    • ‘The only way to reach it is by two-lane roads, most of which twist tortuously through the scenic coastal mountain range or along the rocky Pacific coast.’
    • ‘His comments were tortuously analysed, letters were published and editorials were written.’
    • ‘I have sent four e-mails via the tortuously confusing BBC Website contacts page and made over a dozen phone calls to various departments.’