Definition of tortoise-like in US English:


adjective & adverb

  • See tortoise

    • ‘Rather than building on the huge jump it got with cable modems, the cable industry is letting its tortoise-like telco competitors mock its contention problems.’
    • ‘And now that Webvan, the most prominent of the Internet food shopping companies has failed, Tesco's tortoise-like approach to the business is clearly more likely to succeed.’
    • ‘But while Owen adds little to the genre's customary sound, one has to admit he does it well by not letting the tortoise-like pace get too monotonous.’
    • ‘But DBS companies are working overtime trying to exploit cable's tortoise-like approach to interactivity.’
    • ‘The action two weeks ago was the first time since the mid-1980s that effective mass secondary strike action has taken place, wrong-footing the employers and also, sadly, the tortoise-like structures of our own official trade unionism.’
    • ‘The grubby Kruzaeb and tortoise-like Vurthal-Aran were respected and very intelligent races, but they had absolutely no use in a battle situation.’
    • ‘There are soft cases that are cloth-like and others that wear stout, tortoise-like shells.’
    • ‘The enigmatic Eunotosaurus africanus is characterized by a semi-rigid, turtle-like rib cage, one which presumably necessitated a tortoise-like fashion of walking.’
    • ‘In fact our progress is are so tortoise-like that we don't stop for lunch until 4pm, and by then the old mill-house pub in Zennor is closed.’
    • ‘22 June: It's no better this morning; with the screen freezing every couple of minutes, progress is tortoise-like.’
    • ‘This optimism derives, in part, from a sense that Philadelphia's tortoise-like growth offers safe harbor in the wake of the 1990's boom-and-bust cycle.’
    • ‘Since most of the industries receiving bailouts manage to sell their assets at a tortoise-like speed, we can take them as negative examples of such a bailout policy.’
    • ‘It doesn't matter that she would finish last in her event (her personal best of 15 seconds is tortoise-like for the 100).’
    • ‘There are too many who, tortoise-like, keep their heads inside their shells, fearing contamination from the world.’
    • ‘We think this is a good idea, even if it simply gets them out of the control of the tortoise-like BT culture.’
    • ‘And he spent so much time with his tongue up Bush's bottom that he forgot to attend to the delectable Cherie, so that her tortoise-like face now appears everywhere, desperately craving the attention so sadly denied her by darling Tony.’
    • ‘Another, grim with concentration, eases herself tortoise-like along the passage on a walking frame.’
    • ‘And in that time his tortoise-like personality has been slowly but surely making his way into the Liberal lead.’
    • ‘On my New Rochelle, N.Y., block, dial-up modem speeds are capped at a tortoise-like 28.8 Kbps due to the poor quality of the lines.’
    • ‘Most of all, there's the tortoise-like tortuous issue of local loop unbundling, Eircom, Esat and the regulator.’