Definition of tortious in US English:



  • Constituting a tort; wrongful.

    • ‘The Statement of Claim does not identify what was done by any individual defendant to constitute tortious conduct.’
    • ‘Consett Iron, which was a decision before criminal and tortious liability for maintenance and champerty were abolished by the Criminal Law Act 1967.’
    • ‘My own belief is that, in the present context, the common law is not antipathetic to concurrent liability, and that there is no sound basis for a rule which automatically restricts the claimant to either a tortious or a contractual remedy.’
    • ‘There is no dispute that the action is prima facie tortious, because it involves the union in inducing at least some of its members to breach their contracts of employment.’
    • ‘However, there is one head of tortious liability which is of particular relevance to administrative law.’
    • ‘The onus of proof remained with the claimant to show that the defendant's tortious conduct made a material contribution to the loss, but strictly speaking the defendants were liable only to the extent of that contribution.’
    • ‘Public nuisance and libel are also torts and tortious liability is more often pursued than criminal proceedings.’
    • ‘It represents a fundamental attack upon the principle of tortious liability for negligent conduct which has caused foreseeable personal injury to others.’
    • ‘You may have other remedies in terms of tortious actions, personal actions, but at the moment you are using the vehicle of the company -’
    • ‘It is not the act but the consequences on which tortious liability is founded.’
    • ‘In effect, the claimants' actions were steps taken acting reasonably in mitigation of their losses in reducing their price in response to the tortious actions of the defendant.’
    • ‘The said agreement amounted to a tortious conspiracy between the Defendants to commit an unlawful act namely the raid, and to harm the claimants' business.’
    • ‘Accordingly it was ‘necessary… to apply the principles of tortious liability strictly in accordance with this rule of company law ’.’
    • ‘As both tortfeasors are responsible for the tortious conduct as a whole in the case of joint torts it is not necessary to distinguish between the actions of the different tortfeasors.’
    • ‘It would be not okay if one did it either, your Honour, because that would be the tortfeasor, and those who went to assist, in a complicitous way, the tortfeasor in the tortious conduct, would also be liable.’
    • ‘As we have seen, the tortious liability of trade unions is negated by providing wide immunities.’
    • ‘It will be seen that s.10 is solely concerned with tort, section 11 deals in a somewhat curious way with a mixture of tortious and contractual liability.’
    • ‘As a general rule, however, there is no liability in tortious negligence for an omission, unless the defendant is under some pre-existing duty.’
    • ‘It is, of course, well established that loss is an essential ingredient of a claim in tort, so that a cause of action for tortious negligence does not arise until loss is suffered.’
    • ‘The maxim in English law presupposes a tortious act by the defendant.’


Late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French torcious, from the stem of torcion ‘extortion, violence’, from late Latin tortio(n-) (see torsion). The original sense was ‘injurious’.