Definition of torsion pendulum in US English:

torsion pendulum


  • A pendulum that rotates rather than swings.

    • ‘The second are torsion pendulums, which work by hanging a bar that has weights at each end from a wire.’
    • ‘His quartz-fiber torsion pendulum carried two of the spheres, while allowing frictionless movement, with the earth's attraction neutralized.’
    • ‘The change in the period of a torsion pendulum is observed as its weight is changed.’
    • ‘Most of these studies have been performed using paraconical pendulums, torsion pendulums or spring gravimeters.’
    • ‘The tiltmeter is a torsion pendulum having some similarities to the torsion-gravity pendulum, however it is designed to operate away from the double well of the latter.’
    • ‘The pendulum went back; the torsion pendulums are saved.’
    • ‘The torsion pendulum consists of a brass disk suspended at the center from a steel wire.’
    • ‘Additionally, the effects of damping and driving were explored using the chaotic and torsion pendulums.’
    • ‘Thus increased gravity and the inertial force resulted in the total force perturbation seen by the torsion pendulum.’
    • ‘The torsion pendulum has been installed in the ‘Eotwash’ rotating apparatus.’
    • ‘This will result in an increase in the oscillation frequency of the torsion pendulum.’
    • ‘The authors relate appearing the peculiar anomalies in the torsion pendulums readings with a microseismic anisotropy.’
    • ‘Two torsion pendulums are constructed of identical wires except that one wire is twice as long as the other, as shown.’
    • ‘In related experiments performed with torsion pendulums, a variation in the oscillation period during the onset of the eclipse was observed, while other groups did not confirm this behaviour [4,5, 6].’
    • ‘Gravity plays no role in the oscillation of torsion pendulums.’
    • ‘Zero the torsion pendulum before putting charge on the balls.’
    • ‘In practical operation of such clocks, however, it has been found that if the torsion pendulum is given too vigorous a manual impulse, this spiral spring may be damaged.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the sharpest bounds on Lorentz violation for the electron do not come from measurements of atomic transitions, but from experiments with a spin-polarized torsion pendulum.’
    • ‘We present a forced torsion pendulum designed to measure the dynamic moduli of granular media.’
    • ‘The Position of masses on rods can be varied to change the rotational inertia of a torsion pendulum.’