Definition of torsion balance in US English:

torsion balance


  • An instrument for measuring very weak forces by their effect upon a system of fine twisted wire.

    • ‘In his last years he devised a method for weighing the Earth by using a torsion balance of his own invention, but it was left to W. H. Wollaston and Henry Cavendish to carry out the experiments after his death.’
    • ‘These lengths of petiole were then mounted at each end in a torsion balance.’
    • ‘I can vaguely imagine how a massively robust nanotechnology could actually produce something like that, too - molecular-size torsion balances to sort things out and so on.’
    • ‘The first person to have a proper go at it was Cavendish, who managed to measure G in his famous experiment with a torsion balance about 200 years ago.’


torsion balance

/ˈtôrSHən ˈbaləns/