Definition of torrentially in US English:



  • See torrential

    • ‘Older and chubbier, which doesn't matter, he is a torrentially powerful, elemental actor, whose outbursts mesmerize, and whose very silences impress.’
    • ‘Her skin pricked with excitement and anticipation, sweat trickled from her pores, and her blood rushed torrentially throughout her veins.’
    • ‘It is not characteristic of NAIT for the baby to bleed suddenly and torrentially?’
    • ‘The heaven's opened and it rained torrentially.’
    • ‘Sadly I had neglected to properly shut the skylight, the gales had forced it wide open, and the torrential downpour had torrentially downpoured into my room for 4 hours.’
    • ‘When thunderstorms aren't uprooting forests or rearranging acres of farmland, the South often suffers hailstorms, flashfloods and torrentially ghoulish winds during this season.’
    • ‘It's raining torrentially, and rivers flow down the cobbled streets.’
    • ‘One book I read described it glittering in the sunshine, but to my disappointment it rained torrentially the next day.’
    • ‘Ubiquitously he's lauded and torrentially conferred compliments befitting heads of state; his charity is a marvelous deed.’
    • ‘To use an an oft invoked comparison, at least I am not in a tree in Mozambique giving birth to a child as the swollen waters of the Limpopo River rage torrentially below.’
    • ‘This same semiliteracy flows torrentially, excrementally from American high schools, which teach journalism and television production while refusing to teach media criticism or McLuhan.’
    • ‘He was consternated, as memories began to flow torrentially back into his mind.’
    • ‘That night it rained torrentially, turning the ground to a mass of slick mud, and in the darkness I fell repeatedly.’
    • ‘Outside the clouds had burst and it was raining torrentially, the Gulf Stream swept in over the Cliffs of Moher and tempestuously lashed down on all of Ireland who faced the desolate Atlantic alone.’
    • ‘A prodigious waterfall comprised of magical water torrentially down poured upon Seres.’