Definition of torr in US English:



  • A unit of pressure used in measuring partial vacuums, equal to 133.32 pascals.

    • ‘The ALS is one of only two places in the world where photoelectron spectroscopy can be performed on surfaces at pressures above 1 torr (a unit of pressure equivalent to 1 millimeter of mercury in a barometer).’
    • ‘The four-grating pulse compressor resided in a chamber at 10-4 torr, and achieved a diffraction efficiency of better than 92%.’
    • ‘The microscope was maintained at 15 kV, and approx.5 torr at ambient room temperature.’
    • ‘For example, air pressure is usually given in terms of atmospheres, torr, bars, or millimeters of mercury.’
    • ‘The QTC provides repeatable and stable leak-rate measurements from 5 × 10-11 up to 0.2 std-cc/s and a maximum test pressure of 15 torr.’
    • ‘Condensate samples were stored at - 80°C; 5-10 ml samples were lyophilized to dryness at - 100°C and less than 1 - torr pressure.’
    • ‘In the first set of experiments, the target blood pO 2 levels 40, 80, 160, and 400 torr were reached by tonometry.’
    • ‘Early ETS tests indicate that the partial pressure of gases with atomic masses greater than 44 is below 10-11 torr in the vacuum environment.’
    • ‘It is, however, essential that the patient is able to maintain a PaO2 of at least 55 torr with 50% FiO2.’
    • ‘After stabilizing pressure and temperature, they deposited a GaAs barrier and quantum wells at 540°C and 200 torr.’
    • ‘Currently, the system is able to measure gasses emerging in pressures ranging from one atmosphere to.0001 torr.’
    • ‘However, the competing protein ligand results in a much lower affinity, on the order of magnitude of 1 torr.’
    • ‘The dynamic investigations were carried out under continuous conditions, which were 6 torr with a relative humidity of 80%.’
    • ‘On arrival at the intensive care unit her pa0 2 was 25 torr and her pH 7.40.’
    • ‘The O2 pressures in the microcirculation and some venous circulations are found to be ~ 20 torr or less.’
    • ‘A number of custom probes have been developed for a wide range of temperatures from - 100 to 330°C and vacuum applications to 10-10 torr.’
    • ‘Once fabricated, the waveguides were placed in a vacuum system and filled with 9 torr of Ne gas.’
    • ‘Hyperventilation may actually increase ischemia in at risk brain tissue if PCO 2 < 25 torr by causing excessive vasoconstriction and is falling out of favor.’
    • ‘For example the triple point of water is at a pressure of 4.58 torr and a temperature of 32.0176°F.’
    • ‘The VFT, which is tested and certified to 10-9 torr, is ideal for applications involving environmental testing, pharmaceutical processing, and optical coatings production.’


1940s: named after E. Torricelli (see Torricelli, Evangelista).