Definition of torpedo net in English:

torpedo net


  • A net made of steel wire, hung in the water around an anchored ship to intercept torpedoes.

    • ‘At dusk the order came to deploy the torpedo nets and the nets were streamed about 2100.’
    • ‘Naval experts had torpedo nets at Pearl Harbor, but few were concerned with a torpedo attack in the shallow, confined spaces and they were not up that day.’
    • ‘The bottom of the torpedo net is left free to swing from the jackstay, thereby adding to its elasticity.’
    • ‘Some officers of the latter had been on shore attending a ball given by their admiral's wife, the ships were lit, and there were no torpedo nets.’
    • ‘Although she had her torpedo nets deployed she was hit on the starboard side abreast no.2 boiler room.’
    • ‘There are also no torpedo nets protecting the fleet anchorage.’
    • ‘So, seemingly obvious precautions like torpedo nets were neglected in favor of the ability to mobilize ships quickly.’
    • ‘Moreover Kimmel did not keep up the anti torpedo nets in the harbor that led to serious loss of life.’
    • ‘None of the ships had torpedo nets rigged because they thought the shallow water protected them against torpedoes.’
    • ‘When lowered, the torpedo nets were supposed to protect the ship from torpedoes, but in reality, they slowed the vessel down so much that they were rarely used.’
    • ‘Finally the torpedo net replacement platforms are nicely rendered.’
    • ‘At that time the booms for the torpedo net had to be cut from brass rod provided in the kit.’
    • ‘Engaged in the installation of torpedo nets at Trinidad until March 1943, she shifted to Antigua in April, tending nets there through May.’
    • ‘At first light we retraced our course and also hoisted the torpedo nets for examination, alas we never found the unfortunate lad.’
    • ‘The days of the torpedo net were numbered.’
    • ‘One managed to negotiate the harbour's torpedo nets and attach a warhead to the cruiser's hull, and attach magnetic mines to other ships.’
    • ‘Just tell the Bos'n to rig the torpedo nets, go to your room, have a stiff drink and take a nap.’
    • ‘By 1916, the torpedo nets were no longer used though isolated examples can be found later.’
    • ‘One of the main objects of the trial was to test the effectiveness of torpedo nets and to determine the minimum distance from the hull at which they would be effective.’
    • ‘Abele was ordered to Tinian on 5 August to recover the anti torpedo net located there.’