Definition of Tornado Alley in US English:

Tornado Alley


  • An area of the Great Plains centered on eastern Kansas and Oklahoma and including parts of the surrounding states, where tornadoes are frequent.

    • ‘To double that warning time and help save lives in the Midwest's tornado alley, a consortium led by the U.S. Navy and the National Weather Service is devising a tornado-detection system using fancy radar from Lockheed Martin.’
    • ‘Did they know that, in effect, they were in the tornado alley for Ivan?’
    • ‘An area called tornado alley that stretches along the gulf coast and the South-Eastern States is where they are most prevalent.’
    • ‘We live in an area that residents call tornado alley.’
    • ‘They live in a mobile home in Arkansas, in the middle of tornado alley.’
    • ‘I learned a valuable lesson tonight… when living here in tornado alley, check the weather before leaving your house!’
    • ‘Well, sometimes in Indianapolis, you know, that's tornado alley there and it's a lot of rural areas, a lot of agriculture still in that part of the state.’