Definition of topspinner in US English:



  • See topspin

    • ‘A combination of the legbreak, topspinner and the zooter, all bowled with pinpoint accuracy, meant that England's batsmen had few answers to the complex questions that the bowler threw up in their second innings.’
    • ‘His first spell was particularly buoyant - he bowled Taibu for 3 with his very first delivery, and caused havoc among the tailenders as he whistled topspinners and legbreaks past cagey defensive shots.’
    • ‘This ball's movement after the bounce is almost exactly opposite to that of the topspinner - another ball in his fiendish repertoire - which is bowled with the back of the hand facing first the sky and then the batsman.’
    • ‘He struck back with a ripping topspinner that the batsman only managed to edge back onto his stumps.’
    • ‘He flighted the ball beautifully and had tremendous variety, with two kinds of googlies and a deceptive topspinner.’
    • ‘Everywhere there is talk of zooters and topspinners and flippers and loop and wrong 'uns and sliders, and mostly it sounds like us trying to convince ourselves his artistry remains intact.’
    • ‘I can still see now the Hollies smile, the deceptively slow amble up to the crease, the ingenious mix of orthodox legbreaks, topspinners and googlies.’