Definition of topsoil in US English:



  • The top layer of soil.

    ‘keep all the topsoil you remove; you're bound to find a use for it later!’
    count noun ‘dry topsoils are typical in the western Corn Belt’
    • ‘Vetiver grass lines terraces in the gardens, to trap valuable topsoil in the beds.’
    • ‘If the blade is positioned too low, valuable topsoil may be removed from the site during the bulldozing.’
    • ‘In areas with heavy clay soil, add a layer of lightly structured topsoil.’
    • ‘The thin layer of topsoil is constantly thawing and refreezing during the summer, and this makes any plant growth very difficult.’
    • ‘Crop yields drop as topsoil is lost, prompting subsistence farmers to clear more land.’
    • ‘Bulldozers removed the first layers of topsoil last week.’
    • ‘Ideally, a loamy textured topsoil should be brought in to increase soil grade.’
    • ‘Many soils have a topsoil layer that is more permeable than the clay subsoil.’
    • ‘Yields were highest in the depressions at the bottom of the hills, where the dark, rich topsoil has settled.’
    • ‘First, don't overmix the organic, topsoil and deeper layers, as this can bury organic matter too deeply.’
    • ‘Each year, several serious car accidents are caused by high winds blowing topsoil across highways.’
    • ‘It takes over 500 years to form one inch of stable topsoil and it can be lost in minutes.’
    • ‘It owns recycling plants in Ayrshire, Paisley and Glasgow and supplies recycled aggregates, topsoil and subsoil.’
    • ‘After excavation, a thin layer of topsoil was replaced and some woody seedlings planted.’
    • ‘Without plants growing between and around the coffee, this farmer loses valuable topsoil.’
    • ‘Furthermore, in cultivated soils, dense compact subsoils frequently underlie the loosened topsoil.’
    • ‘All we deal with is pure topsoil, subsoil and builders demolition, which is perfect for land reclamation.’
    • ‘The gentler lower slopes, derived from the Rhine delta bed, have deeper topsoils, over subsoils of clay, marl, limestone, and sandstone.’
    • ‘It had been roughly levelled and covered with a layer of topsoil.’
    • ‘Sprinkling a thin layer of topsoil or compost over the lawn will also help.’
    earth, soil, dirt, clay, loam, turf, clod, mould, sod, dust
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