Definition of topside in US English:



often topsides
  • The upper part of a ship's side, above the waterline.

    • ‘Whilst the battle raged on the topsides and the Spanish captain barked orders to his men, I slipped away with Sancho's key to the forecastle hatch, prying a pistol from the fingers of a dead sailor.’
    • ‘Modifications to the hull included increasing the freeboard amidships and flaring the topsides to widen the beam at the weatherdeck.’
    • ‘Finally, he reached the stairs up to the exit; he walked up them speedily and stepped out of the large gray exit door on to the topside deck of the ship.’
    • ‘They often tell you to tie to cruiseship dock which has big black tires that leave smudge marks on your topsides, so use lots of fenders and try to get to the north part of the dock, sheltered behind the terminal building.’
    • ‘One night after the ‘bacchanal’ ended on the topsides, Sancho sent me up to swab away the mess of another of my comrads' blood.’
    • ‘Griptape is the sandpaper like material on the topside of the deck.’
    • ‘Needham has rigged a plywood makeshift helipad over the logs stacked 20m high from the very bowels of the ship to the topside decks.’
    • ‘I became very attached to the pup after a few days, until the night that Sancho sent me up to the topsides.’
    • ‘Although there is active corrosion and some wastage of the structure in the topside ballast tanks this is relatively minor, the fitting of anodes should arrest the corrosion and the wastage noted can be rectified at no great cost.’
    • ‘He customized 48-foot sport fishing boat, approximately $1 million: ‘I would get a navy hull, with lots of teak and mahogany on the topsides.’’
    • ‘The main difference is that the fish swims under water, so that hydrodynamic considerations apply to the topsides as well as the hull.’
    • ‘Latter group of three ships, built in 1964, used 100 tons of welded 5086 plates and extrusions for the topside structure.’
    • ‘While I had the deck off of my riding mower, I sandblasted and painted the topside, then applied two coats of fiberglass resin to the underside.’
    • ‘The first ship is almost done; Kulovaara wanted a more distinctive topside for the sister ships, and the proposal includes a spectacular curved-glass stern.’
    • ‘‘Flinging about bits of tusk to see what's showing on the topsides requires no concentration,’ I assure you, he replied.’
    • ‘Such a person is saying ‘naval architect’, because the person realises that he or she is working with a ship's sides and keels and topsides, but that ships do not have what people would normally see as being walls and a roof.’
    • ‘One night, while we were chatting about how Kafele said there was a storm on the horizon (although no one else could feel or tell a thing), one of the Americans came up to the topsides holding a bowie knife at the ready.’
    • ‘Riley said the structure which has an 850 tonne deck or topsides and a 950 tonne jacket will be able to produce a maximum of one billion cubic feet of natural gas a day.’
    • ‘This eliminated paddle wheels and allowed machinery to be located well within the ship and below the waterline, making it less vulnerable and freeing topside space for guns.’
    • ‘Morton-Jones has altered the topsides ' profile and layout of the design, but says the boats will have the same handling characteristics of the existing boats.’
    • ‘Her topside passengers rushed to one side of the ship, and she rolled over and sank in the Chicago River with the loss of 835 lives.’


  • On or toward the upper decks of a ship.

    ‘we stayed topside’
    • ‘He became aware the men topside were watching them.’
    • ‘The small pod takes up very little desktop real estate and brings the system's controls topside where they belong.’
    • ‘Howard, being awakened by the sound of things happening on deck, got sleepily out of his bunk and headed topsides.’
    • ‘They'd ‘lie ahull’ so that they wouldn't have to go topsides in hundred knot winds while going around all the horns they seemed to be constantly going around to get to whatever side of the world they weren't on at the time.’
    • ‘About 15 minutes later, I emerge topside into the drizzle at the Cadet Metro stop, not far south of Pigalle, or Pig Alley as the GI's used to call it.’
    • ‘Diving in the Keys has its advantages - plenty of fish, warm water, easy diving and plenty to do topside.’
    • ‘Having the antenna dome topsides can also come in handy when the IRS auditor visits your boat to discuss your deducting all the costs of your boat as a home office.’
    • ‘It's going to be rough, though, what with the swells topside.’
    • ‘The support ships topside kept them apprised of all developments, but the questions that remained was if Seaview could get to them in time and could they affect a rescue even if they did?’
    • ‘Other external departures from tradition include an aperture sight as standard, with the provision for readily mounting other sights and devices topside.’
    • ‘It also puts your inputs topside, making them easier to get at.’
    • ‘This necessitates a trip topside to throw them over the rail.’
    • ‘‘We just had time to grab our life preservers stored topside and activate my EPIRB as water poured into the boat,’ Montz said.’
    • ‘I didn't think it would be that much of a risk to send a couple of fighters topside to scout out the situation.’
    • ‘There is varied and colourful diving on sites rich in marine life, hospitable islanders, often-luxurious accommodation, sensational views topside, diving at all levels but plenty for non-divers to do.’
    • ‘Up on deck, she once again caused a work stoppage as the men topside took her in.’
    • ‘Half the guys topside during her landing swore she was some famous movie star or other, the rest figured that she had to be a stunt double.’
    • ‘There is a large saloon and four cabins for the eight guests, beamy decks for relaxing topsides and a good-sized stern dive platform.’
    • ‘The ship's security team, dressed out in kevlar vests with weapons, had secured Cole's main deck topside upon the captain's orders, and every weapon from the ship's armory had been issued.’
    • ‘In groups of two or more, Cole Sailors began to move topside for triage and evacuation.’