Definition of topographer in US English:



  • See topography

    • ‘He and his colleagues borrowed ideas from photogrammetry, a technique used by topographers and aerial surveyors to create three-dimensional views from two-dimensional images.’
    • ‘During WWII John worked with the Second Australian Field Survey Company as a topographer, and recently visited the Richmond River Historical Society, where seven of the maps he made 62 years ago are on display.’
    • ‘To achieve this, a technology is used that is becoming more regularly employed by topographers.’
    • ‘Hitherto, contemporary scenes beyond the scope of portraiture, landscape, or caricature had fallen to two types of artist: topographers and genre painters.’
    • ‘Hence, nineteenth-century excavators, to some extent still under the spell of the Renaissance topographers, identified remains near the Via del Pellegrino in the Campo Marzio as belonging to the Via Triumphalis.’
    • ‘For example, topographers would record a mountain as a set of measurements, which a cartographer would later condense into a set of contour lines, enabling the ready visual apprehension of the mountain as a topographic fact.’
    • ‘I turned for further enlightenment to the great topographer in his book Nairn's London, and sure enough he was captivated by Beckton as well - or at least by its gasworks.’
    • ‘He had become a repetitious provincial topographer.’
    • ‘He was a British soldier and topographer, and the second European to visit the area and research the mountain.’
    • ‘Mid-nineteenth-century medical topographers both drew on his thinking and copied his representational forms, taking it as their task to do for the mapping of disease what Humboldt had done for the mapping of vegetation.’
    • ‘Some topographers have denied that a street of this name ever existed, but inscriptions referring to the ‘curator ‘of the Via Aurelia Nova, Via Cornelia, and Via Triumphalis confirm its reality.’’
    • ‘This practice was in keeping with the survey process; for topographers or geologists, cloud formations at any given moment were transient and incidental to the structure of a view.’
    • ‘Army topographers knew little about Crow country, especially where lay the best routes for wagon roads linking the Platte with the Missouri and the Yellowstone.’
    • ‘As surveyor and topographer, he took on the task of making sketches of the stockades.’
    • ‘This did not prevent them from involving Irish topographers with local insight as well.’
    • ‘Using various perspectives allows the investigator to map technical core activities, managerial-level actions, and strategies at the institutional level, not unlike topographers mapping terrain.’