Definition of topo in US English:



North American
  • 1A topographic map.

    ‘a topo drawn for the Hell Cave area’
    • ‘Returning to our subject, there is a flat pocket with elastic top on the back side of the small zippered compartment that is great for those items needed quickly, like maybe toilet paper, small camera, or topo map.’
    • ‘I see myself safely cocooned in down, my toes curled around a hot-water bottle, writing in my journal and plotting the day's travel on the topo.’
    • ‘But I would suggest a GPS unit and a good topo map of the area instead of a compass, especially when you do the right thing by getting off the trail.’
    • ‘I don't know about you, but if I'm armed with a GPS unit and a good topo map, I'm a lot more inclined to get ‘back in’ away from the crowds.’
    • ‘We packed our supplies; 2 water bottles a piece, a topo map, 2 extra tubes a piece, a tool pack, a pump, and of course… a bag of pinole.’
    • ‘USGS topo maps have proven to be an invaluable tool for everyone from hikers and campers to county planners to emergency response teams.’
    • ‘On our topo maps we had etched an ambitious, 225-mile loop that took us far north of the ongoing drought in central and southern Mongolia.’
    • ‘Now as you hike or bicycle or drive with your GPS on, your path is traced onto the topo map automatically, or you can pinpoint particular spots.’
    • ‘Previously mentioned in the Oz Report were topo maps for the USA.’
    • ‘When fog delays the bush plane for several hours, forcing us to wait in a chilly wind, Kennedy remedies the situation by drenching his topo maps in white gas and using them to ignite a pile of driftwood.’
    • ‘He whipped up some great topo maps with Google that show the precise location of the cams we found.’
    • ‘Beartooth Mapping Inc. has made getting a topo map of anywhere in the U.S. as simple as the click of a mouse.’
    • ‘Rotate the bezel of Gerber's stubby RECON LED light, and you get red light for preserving night vision, blue for detecting blood and body fluids, soft white for general use, and green for topo map reading.’
    • ‘She had no idea she could do this before the forest; look at a good topo map of an area and visualize the view from the ground so well, and memorize the landmarks in such detail, it's as if she had been raised in the area her whole life.’
    • ‘I also try to keep the waypoints on both devices in sync and always include altitude that I copy from either the topo discs or the online airport directory.’
    • ‘The company also sells excellent printed topo maps, called Atlas & Gazetteers, in bookstores.’
    • ‘When he is not looking over project Gantt charts he is looking over topo maps and planning backpacking trips in and around Arizona.’
    • ‘It's not considered important enough to have an official name on government topo maps.’
    • ‘The result: topo maps that hyperlink to so-called ‘geo-encoded’ content, such as Foghorn guides, which list some 50,000 campsites and 1,000 hiking trails per state.’
    • ‘First, although GPS receivers feature tiny video screens that display preprogrammed map grids with various zoom options, those images don't compare in detail and scope with traditional paper topo maps - so definitely use both.’
    1. 1.1Climbing A diagram of a mountain with details of routes to the top marked on it.
      • ‘I pull out my topo map, and ask them to show me a particular trail.’
      • ‘The Gold Wall is a ‘newer’ development and there is a topo circulating around if you ask the right people.’
      • ‘Doug doesn't own a GPS, so using a topo map he found what seemed to be the shortest line up the peak, starting at about 400 feet above sea level, to the summit of POW / MIA at approximately 4400 ft. above sea level.’
      • ‘Lastly, put a clip-in loop made from 3mm cord or shoelace in the BOTTOM of the topo.’
      • ‘After thawing out, wrapped in four wool blankets and sipping a tongue-scorching cup of cocoa, I wrote up the details of my baby epic - route, temperature, wind speed, how much water I drank - on the back of the topo map, as is my habit.’
      • ‘We figure that the topo says a 4 hr approach 4 hour climb and four hour return.’
      • ‘As the skies lightened up, the ranger pulled out a topo map and pointed to the spot I wanted to visit: Cap Rock.’
      • ‘The topos on his multi pitch, grade IV Headwall routes read like a bad dream.’
      • ‘Since the steep canyon walls and the dense pines often make it difficult to track downriver progress, boaters must rely on topo maps and altimeters to locate the one unrunnable section, a 60-foot cascade.’
      • ‘We later figured from the topo map that it was about 1,400 feet.’
      • ‘I'd have been content to wait out the weather in my tent, but Ron consulted his topo map and we headed off, marching along a streambed into foggy nothingness, south toward the foothills.’
      • ‘Grabbing the rack, I started up a steep corner that starts the third pitch that is named ‘Last Years’ on the route topo.’
      • ‘We also picked up a topo map showing the route to Geyser Spring.’


  • ‘the topo map showed a watering hole’
    short for topographical


1970s: abbreviation of topographic (see topographical).