Definition of topminnow in US English:



  • A small surface-swimming fish related to the killifishes, found in fresh, brackish, and salt water throughout North America.

    Genus Fundulus, family Fundulidae: many species, including the banded topminnow (F. cingulatus) and the eastern starhead topminnow (F. escambiae)

    • ‘Listed as being used for bait to catch the .015-pound entry for blackstripe topminnow is ‘live worm.’’
    • ‘Much of this early tissue transplant research was in live-bearing fishes, closely related to the Gila topminnows that we utilized in our research here.’
    • ‘The males are less responsive to non-threatening fish like topminnows (family Fundulidae).’
    • ‘Five other landowners within the watershed have joined in the partnership to establish habitat for the topminnow and improve water quality for the endangered Cumberland pigtoe mussel.’
    • ‘One form of aggressive behavior is dominance hierarchies, which are found in many groups (e.g. catfishes, minnows, cods, ricefishes, topminnows, cichlids, wrasses, blennies, and boxfishes).’
    • ‘For MHC sampling, degenerate PCR primers were designed from an alignment of guppy, topminnow, cichlid, and bass Mhc class II B sequences found in GenBank.’
    • ‘In a previous series of laboratory trials, we examined the strength of premating and postmating barriers in an allopatric species pair of the endangered Sonoran topminnow, Poeciliopsis occidentalis and P. sonoriensis.’
    • ‘The goal is to establish suitable habitats throughout each watershed to allow the topminnow to migrate from one site to another.’
    • ‘A network of desert springs known as Bylas Springs, lying adjacent to the Gila River on the San Carlos Indian Reservation in Arizona, was once home to a thriving population of Gila topminnows.’
    • ‘The Gila topminnow historically occurred throughout the Gila River drainage in Arizona, and even into New Mexico and Mexico.’
    • ‘Tyler's work with the Barrens topminnow stands as a shining example of her hard work and dedication to the protection and recovery of rare species.’
    • ‘Associations between MHC heterozygosity and infectious diseases in free-ranging animals under natural conditions have been found in Chinook salmon and in Gila topminnow.’
    • ‘Other members of the group then presented the landowners with various tokens of appreciation, including passes to the Tennessee Aquarium and a framed print of the Barrens topminnow by a renowned fish illustrator.’
    • ‘The Arizona Game and Fish Department and The Nature Conservancy are monitoring the Gila topminnow and Huachuca water umbel populations at the spring.’