Definition of topicalization in US English:


(British topicalisation)


  • See topicalize

    • ‘There is some grammar that governs the topicalisation of non-finite clauses in English.’
    • ‘But when the sentences undergo topicalization, the original M-contrast in reference vanishes.’
    • ‘In appropriate situational contexts, Penguin may allow for multiple concurrent topicalizations, promoting two or more objects to morphological NOM status.’
    • ‘We might add that the subject and object topicalisations from V2 vary only a little, less so, for example, than the two adjunct topicalisations, to which we now turn.’
    • ‘The mere fact that Norwegian dialects may lack V2 in wh-questions but not in declaratives (including topicalizations) raises a number of challenging problems for syntactic theory, and the fact that the Sogn dialect does not converge in the direction of Standard Norwegian may suggest that the change is an effect of a linguistic regionalization tendency in western Norway.’
    • ‘This uniform syntactic treatment of topicalisation and the filling of the focus-position in the middlefield corresponds to the functional similarities of both positions.’
    • ‘The split between questions and topicalizations helps to explain why, when English lost the V2 constraint, word order in questions was unaffected.’
    • ‘Discussion of topicalization and topic change should be as important in analysis of formal writing as the assignation of meaning to verb forms.’
    • ‘Neither of these sentences conveys visual impact, and they both violate the topicalisation principle.’
    • ‘Such a ` missing’ element is typically connected to a preposed element in a topicalisation sentence or WH question.’
    • ‘In general, the Thai passives look structurally similar to topicalizations, but certain properties, such as the absence of subjects and the ability to be operated in nominalization and relativization, can distinguish them from topicalizations.’
    • ‘The open focus of an aesthetic approach may trigger widely differing topicalisations.’
    • ‘The interactional consequences of such topicalizations are much like those of topicalizing emotion.’
    • ‘Covers everything from run-of-the-mill clause types to such structures as clefts, pseudo-clefts, and topicalizations.’
    • ‘Finally, we will sketch the principles underlying dependency theory, and how a number of important morphological and syntactic phenomena can be described within a dependency-based framework - including phenomena like topicalizations, relative clauses, extrapositions, and scrambling.’
    • ‘Left-dislocations and topicalizations lie at the interface between syntax and discourse, but little is known about how they are processed.’
    • ‘The existence of topicalization rules in conversation (a normative notion) is evidenced in two ways.’
    • ‘Are any of the Slovak speakers out there familiar with topicalization?’
    • ‘However, I propose that in the case of topicalization, young deaf children have exploited an alternative, prosodic way of marking topics that is easily overlooked.’
    • ‘The data show that the problem with modifier topicalisation in CamE is the violation of the co-indexation condition, which leads to non-Equi-NP-deletion.’