Definition of top something off in US English:

top something off

phrasal verb

  • 1often be topped offFinish something in a memorable or notable way.

    ‘the festivities were topped off with the awarding of prizes’
    • ‘The meal was topped off with platters of fresh fruit.’
    • ‘And, to top things off, King has another surprise up his sleeve.’
    • ‘And to top it all off, you will have a genuine Spanish cultural experience.’
    • ‘We topped the day off by going to see ‘Minority Report’ at Greenwich Cinema.’
    • ‘And finally, to top my day off, I found out that the joyless, universally disliked boss who's been off on maternity leave will be part time when she comes back at the end of April.’
    • ‘It's been a dream year and this just tops it off.’
    • ‘She straightened her little denim mini-skirt, fixed the straps of her white spaghetti-strap top and then topped off her ensemble with a tan cowboy hat.’
    • ‘The celebrations of the day will be topped off with an open air dance to the music of The Conquerors, from 12-2 a.m.’
    • ‘And to top the day off, the agency I've been working for over the last two years sent out the paperwork for the contract extension.’
    • ‘She has recorded three solo albums, is sought-after for other releases, has her own designer brand underway, and to top it all off is engaged to be married.’
    • ‘One our way back home we took a detour to the city and stopped by Harry's Café for a classic hotdog to top the night off.’
    • ‘A black beret she had picked up in Paris topped off the outfit.’
  • 2US informal Fill up a nearly full tank with fuel.

    • ‘I drank a lot of wine, mostly because Phil kept topping my glass off until I wasn't sure how many glasses I had drunk.’
    • ‘And when you do decide to go all the way with a full tank of gas, don't bother topping it off because filling past the first ‘click’ will create sloshing and allow the gas you tried to squeeze in to spill over and out.’
    • ‘Prior to the storms, all the generators had been tested at full load and all of their tanks had been topped off.’
    • ‘Except for topping it off now and then, you'll fill the pool only once.’
    • ‘Arriving back at the jet, I checked the fuel slip and noticed that it had been topped off.’
    • ‘Make sure the station's generator is functioning (hopefully there is one!) and make sure the fuel tank is topped off.’