Definition of top round in US English:

top round


  • A cut of meat taken from an inner section of a round of beef.

    • ‘The best scientific evidence indicates that BSE is passed via consumption of contaminated brain and spinal-cord tissue, which should never be present in sirloin, top round or any other hand-separated anatomy-specific cuts of beef.’
    • ‘Don't shy away from little-known cuts like top round and pork loin, which are low in fat and packed with flavor.’
    • ‘For protein, turkey breast, orange roughy, top round steak and shrimp are fine.’
    • ‘This is good for large cuts of meat from tender areas, such as beef top round roast, eye round roast, round tip roast and tenderloin roast as well as pork loin roasts, crown roasts and tenderloins.’
    • ‘Start by selecting your favorite lean cut of meat: chicken, turkey, top round steak (also known as London Broil), pork tenderloin, salmon, shrimp and scallops are all excellent choices that work very well.’
    • ‘As with nonorganic beef, some cuts are leaner than others: Good choices include sirloin, top round, eye of round, tenderloin and flank steak.’
    • ‘Some of Beltrano's dishes are Ecuador-pure, like rice and beans with top round.’