Definition of top hat in US English:

top hat


  • A man's formal hat with a high cylindrical crown.

    • ‘A man in a full Portugal suit, a green and red top hat and tails like a multi-coloured hotel doorman, comes over.’
    • ‘What's posh and what's not is about to become clear, as a leading London hatters and milliners packs up its top hats and heads for the city in time for what is arguably York's grandest social event.’
    • ‘The people around him changed as well; fewer workingmen in stocking caps and more sleek top hats and fashionable bonnets.’
    • ‘These tailcoats and top hats with over 5,000 sequins hand-glued are still an amazing sight to see on stage, even after rescuing them from 26 years of sitting in a shed!’
    • ‘The answer, according to this map, is Manet, whose marvellous painting of a night out in fashionable 1870s Paris shows a crowd of guys in top hats and frock coats mingling with a sprinkling of girls in masks and harlequin get-ups.’
    • ‘Finally, Southwark College ventured into an early Easter Parade with big paper bonnets and top hats adding impact to a collage of designs.’
    • ‘While the settlers along the coast developed an elaborate lifestyle complete with top hats and morning coats and a society of Masons, the indigenous peasants endured poverty and neglect.’
    • ‘It turns out that he's gone round the corner to a Victorian market, returning with a carrier bag containing a top hat, a bowler hat and a bright red feather boa.’
    • ‘For more than a century, Britain's railway hotels were the height of luxury, harking back to the times when first class passengers travelled in top hats and frock coats, their ladies in bonnets and bustles.’
    • ‘The mourners came in traditional dress - frock coats, top hats and bowlers.’
    • ‘Yeah, I'd love to see all those guys in the top hats and bowler hats, with umbrellas, and the Bobbies and the Beefeaters.’
    • ‘Men at their sides may have been attired in black frock coats, over waistcoats, white wing-collar shirts, black ties and top hats.’
    • ‘We then went back to the Gilded Balloon where Rock and Roll Bruce became fascinated with a woman in a red top hat and thigh boots.’
    • ‘The most suspicious hats include: top hats, panty hose, ski masks, oversized foam cowboy hats, and miters.’
    • ‘He infuriated his father when he wore a gray top hat to Ascot instead of a traditional black silk hat, unconsciously starting a new trend.’
    • ‘The financial services industry is remarkably different from the days when bank managers wore top hats and frock coats.’
    • ‘He paused for a moment to survey the sea of satins and shawls, felt top hats and Prince Albert long coats, the members of the audience spread out before his eyes like a sea of long-necked albatrosses.’
    • ‘There were top hats, silk hats, bowler hats, stovepipe hats, chimney-pot hats - oh, and a couple of servants' caps.’
    • ‘Those other things include everything from plastic caps with two beer holders and Dr. Seuss-inspired top hats to wizard hats and fedoras.’
    • ‘New police officers would be drawn from the ranks of the sanitation department, who would have their salaries doubled and be issued new uniforms of top hats, tuxedos, and golden monocles.’


top hat

/ˈˌtɑp ˈhæt//ˈˌtäp ˈhat/