Definition of top-quality in US English:



  • Of the highest quality; excellent.

    ‘top-quality organic produce’
    • ‘A top-quality flour can make a bread or a pasta remarkable instead of just ordinary.’
    • ‘Really top-quality minds have a touch of humility about them that leaves them constantly open to new ideas.’
    • ‘Top-quality items tend to hold their value better even when markets are depressed.’
    • ‘Pearson spent his first two years conducting geological surveys to locate top-quality wine real estate.’
    • ‘The business has developed a strong relationship with about two dozen top-quality parts suppliers.’
    • ‘Services that had been available only to the few or the wealthy, such as top-quality health and financial advice, are now available to many.’
    • ‘Arctic Wild prides itself on local guides proficient in natural history, low impact camping and top-quality gear.’
    • ‘What shape would musical life in our country take if every student had access to top-quality music instruction and assessment?’
    • ‘Big-name universities, top-quality hospitals, and state or federal facilities aren't built overnight.’
    • ‘Finding, retaining and developing top-quality workers is every boss's dream.’