Definition of top-priority in US English:



  • Of greatest importance.

    ‘one of the top-priority matters in upcoming talks between the two nations’
    • ‘He's deeply involved in some of the president's top-priority initiatives, including Social Security reform and the selection of federal judges.’
    • ‘The new categories reveal more content on the homepage, and there are some good areas for quickly accessing top-priority content, such as program schedules.’
    • ‘But disagreements over four top-priority issues almost certainly will keep legislators in Des Moines for much longer.’
    • ‘We can be proud of our contribution to what will surely be a top-priority stop for all New York City tourists.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister said upgrading the railway system and extending drinking water to villages are top-priority projects.’
    • ‘There will be a balance of pragmatic and top-priority science with inspirational and groundbreaking exploration programs.’
    • ‘The graceful black-necked crane was designated a top-priority species to protect.’
    • ‘We've been saying all along that this should be a top-priority item for our city's leaders to solve.’
    • ‘A Mars sample return is a top-priority mission as identified by the U.S. National Research Council.’
    • ‘In the Dales, only about 70 per cent of top-priority emergency calls are being reached within the eight minutes.’
    • ‘Court papers estimate there is about $90 million worth of top-priority debt left to be paid, mainly from those vendors.’