Definition of tootsie in US English:


(also tootsy)


  • 1A child's word for a person's foot.

    ‘you can even think about putting your tootsies up’
    • ‘While the Irish are sheltering from icy sheets of rain and the Poles are freezing their tootsies off, the Italians are drinking wine and lounging on the southern beaches and the Spaniards are having siestas in the sun.’
    • ‘A little diner food helped, but after the incident with the couple on the street all I wanted was to go home, take a shower, slather lotion on my blistered tootsies, and lick my wounds.’
    • ‘But I'm so over cramming my tootsies into teeny-weeny pumps.’
    • ‘It's become clear that shoes are defining people's evolving obsessions with protecting precious tootsies.’
    • ‘The elasticated strap around the heel provides security without restricting movement and the adjustable straps at the front ensures your precious tootsies won't have the life squeezed out them should they expand in a random style.’
    • ‘Explain that if she's going to thrive in her new environment, she has to set up her own world and stand on her own tootsies.’
    • ‘Actually, my informants tell me he was in Garry Point Park in Steveston, so the chosen one's tootsies were really submerged in the sweet and muddy Fraser River.’
    • ‘But for those of us who are, our tootsies are dangling.’
    • ‘If you're looking for a way to brighten up and soften those tootsies, then read on and find out how to give yourself the perfect pedicure.’
    • ‘Chilly tootsies love this rug made from a 4x6-foot piece of industrial-weight felt (the stuff used tot shoe soles).’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I have really big feet (size 7 or even an 8 in some shops), so I wouldn't be able to squeeze my tootsies in them.’
    • ‘We are going to the super-crowded beach at Coney Island to dip our tootsies in the water with half of New York City.’
    • ‘But Raechel made short work of that with a foot file. I made a mental note to use the file regularly at home, pay more attention to rubbing cream into my feet and heels after a shower, and generally to be nicer to my tootsies.’
    • ‘Pack some sneaks to keep your tootsies happy for the long haul.’
    • ‘If your tootsies get sweaty and smelly, wash them twice a day with water and anti-bacterial soap.’
    • ‘My tootsies are smarting like you wouldn't believe.’
    • ‘He charged no fares, was generous w/transfers and didn't care if passengers placed their tender tootsies up on the seats.’
    • ‘This is not the Highland way, but so often there is an anti-climax about dignitaries and club officials giving muffled addresses while freezing their tootsies off in the middle of a football field.’
    • ‘So you'll often see them in the mornings, standing, staring into space, with their little tootsies beating some silent syncopated rhythm on the grass.’
    • ‘I know some folk are freezing their little tootsies off, but currently a few days of winter would be MOST appreciated, just so we can sleep.’
  • 2A young woman, especially one perceived as being sexually available.

    ‘are you aware that he has a Las Vegas tootsie?’
    ‘a teenage tootsie’


Mid 19th century: humorous diminutive of foot.