Definition of toonie in English:


(also twoonie)


  • The Canadian two-dollar coin.

    • ‘Our goal is to collect a toonie for every person that's on campus.’
    • ‘Up until the final months I considered it relatively good value for my entertainment and edification dollar: a few hours' worth of amusement provided every two weeks at a unit cost of less than a toonie.’
    • ‘It is within our power to talk about what we value and about how public opinion can influence whether or not the $5 bill will join rank with the loonie and toonie.’
    • ‘For a toonie, I could get 20 minutes of dial-up time, just enough to check text messages.’
    • ‘I used to give loonies and toonies to panhandlers, especially on pay days.’
    • ‘But one Canadian toonie is all you're gonna get.’
    • ‘A man appears from the back wiping flour off his hands, takes my toonie, folds the bread in half and drops it into my bag.’
    • ‘Granted, that team may solely consist of one guy whose dad dropped him off at the GO-station with 50 bucks and a couple of toonies for hot dogs, but that's beside the point.’
    • ‘With most works between a toonie and $20 (and others stretching up to $1,500), the Photographic Garage Sale is a pretty good bet.’
    • ‘It is free and open to the public, but those audience members who can will be asked to contribute a toonie to cover room rent, publicity, and other expenses.’
    • ‘Now, you best bring your paycheck divided in to toonies and loonies.’
    • ‘What Justin was probably referring to is the fact many students are giving up their allowances, as well as gathering up spare change around their homes in larger denominations such as loonies and toonies.’
    • ‘With your extra toonie you can even afford to buy your ‘friend’ a funny present to break the awkward vibe: animal hats, anyone?’
    • ‘To fit his mood, the December skies rumbled and started to rain, leaving Darien standing outside alone, wet, and fingering the toonie Alison had kicked under his desk in his pocket.’
    • ‘Alison noticed that he didn't use the toonie she had given him to pay for his cappuccino but with a five-dollar bill.’
    • ‘The only change I had left was pennies and toonies, so I gave up the idea of calling again.’
    • ‘I would just throw my toonie in and didn't wonder about whether or not we'd win.’
    • ‘What I didn't know is that you need exact change and no toonies.’
    • ‘He dropped a toonie in my hand and said, ‘That's the last of it.’’
    • ‘But no mistake, once I am eligible to make a whole toonie more an hour I am outta there, kiddo.’


After loonie.