Definition of toolshed in US English:


(also tool shed)


  • A one-story structure, typically in a backyard, used for storing tools.

    • ‘I discovered this 1998 article about a teenager who tried to build a nuclear reactor in his toolshed.’
    • ‘Before I knew it I had stolen downstairs and out of the house, to a toolshed we had across the yard that I used to hide in sometimes when I was little.’
    • ‘So you stop what you're doing and dash back to the garage or toolshed to find it.’
    • ‘I got out some rope, the shortest piece in the toolshed.’
    • ‘As I sit here at Jonny's PC, I can gaze out of his leaded window past his toolshed across his lush garden watching the wind bellow against the trees as the rain pours down.’
    • ‘He had locked it, and since the key was lost, Ashley had to carry the bike all the way into the toolshed behind the garage.’
    • ‘Double French doors provide light and spacious entry to a studio, which once a toolshed.’
    • ‘In addition there is a toolshed, glasshouse, a tarmac tennis court and a walled garden.’
    • ‘The vandals used an ax from the temple toolshed to smash a statue of Avalokitesvara.’
    • ‘I didn't know my way around very well, and was rummaging through the toolshed one morning looking for a shovel.’
    • ‘The elderly man, burdened by a back injury, heart disease, vascular problems, and dementia, was leaning on his garden shovel, using it as a second cane as he walked slowly toward his toolshed.’
    • ‘I use all the wood from behind my house to work on my toolshed, but I can't figure out how to turn the logs into plywood.’
    • ‘Tucked in a bazaar along a grimy street in Gorband, Mahmed Daud keeps a shop about the size of a toolshed.’
    • ‘Mowers and strimmers are available at the toolshed situated at the town park entrance to the old graveyard.’
    • ‘A small rickety-looking building might have been a toolshed and another was probably a barn: larger than the house with big doors hanging ajar.’
    • ‘Outside, the railed front garden is laid in lawn with a driveway, while the back garden faces south-west and includes a boiler house, toolshed and outside toilet.’
    • ‘And hide every eyesore in sight - a rusty toolshed, a dog kennel, the neighbor's dying juniper hedge.’
    • ‘Gunmen also torched a van parked in the courtyard, as well as a large toolshed.’
    • ‘There is a small toolshed adjacent to the parking lot, behind which are an array of feeders.’
    • ‘A salvaged two-holer outhouse makes the perfect toolshed.’