Definition of toolmaker in English:



  • A maker of tools, especially a person who makes and maintains tools for use in a manufacturing process.

    • ‘They employ a skilled workforce of 39 employees at present and were the first Irish toolmakers to move into the 96-cavity mould manufacturing.’
    • ‘He was originally a pneumatic toolmaker and had received a medal for his exhibition at the Columbian Exposition in 1893.’
    • ‘The other 10 are office staff and specialist toolmakers who design the tools to make the appliance parts.’
    • ‘Among the group were four toolmakers, three die makers, two set up men, a production engineer, and the foreman of the experimental machine shop.’
    • ‘If the toolmaker is working from the wrong revision level of a product drawing, the possibility exists that the finished mold cavity will not produce a part to specification.’
    • ‘To qualify as a master toolmaker, craftsmen had to make three or four specified tools in a set period of time.’
    • ‘It also hints that the kits were the brainchild of tool sellers rather than toolmakers.’
    • ‘The company, which has been one of the main sources of employment as well as a source of training for toolmakers, was first established in town in 1974 to manufacture press tools and dies for the automotive industry world wide.’
    • ‘Barry Johnson's father was an engineer whose first jobs used his skill as a toolmaker, then later he became a planning engineer.’
    • ‘There are some things we have learned about making wheels that we don't want to share with toolmakers.’
    • ‘Mount Joy was a great industrial town, having blacksmiths, wagon builders, coopers, weavers, millers, molders, and toolmakers.’
    • ‘Cordless tools have found a niche in the construction trade, but that doesn't mean toolmakers will stop making corded tools.’
    • ‘Very often, the ideas come from technicians who submit them to the specialty toolmakers for review.’
    • ‘I thought I liked making tools, but what I really like best is helping people to use tools better and helping toolmakers understand their users better.’
    • ‘While most are like the tools sold to professionals, several of them are lighter-weight versions that toolmakers called gentlemen's tools.’
    • ‘In 1852, Horace Smith, a toolmaker, and Daniel Wesson, a former apprenticed gunsmith, combined their skills to produce a revolutionary handgun.’
    • ‘Having two different stamps on one piece might cause one to arrive at the logical conclusion that those two signatures belong in the same family and are from two generations of toolmakers.’
    • ‘Usually, the toolmaker started with a large cobble, probably picked out of a stream bed, and flaked it with a hammerstone into the required shape.’
    • ‘I lasted as an apprentice toolmaker for about nine months before becoming a quality control engineer.’
    • ‘Interestingly, there are several women who are listed as toolmakers.’