Definition of too — for words in US English:

too — for words


  • Extremely —

    ‘going around by the road was too tedious for words’
    • ‘The whole thing is just too ludicrous for words.’
    • ‘I don't believe these people have the air of 1962 about them, they are extremely modern hipsters, too cool for words.’
    • ‘It seems too dreadful for words to be indoors studying.’
    • ‘The similarities are just too spooky for words.’
    • ‘The piglets were, of course, too cute for words.’
    • ‘Why waste the time on the sort of gathering you've told me is too tedious for words?’
    • ‘Perhaps the government should encourage the banks to get their systems in place: this service sounds too outrageous for words.’
    • ‘First of all a fearless, infallible hero pitted against a bunch of hoodlums and brutal, power-crazy politicians is too stereotypical for words.’
    • ‘It's too painful for words, and I hang on to a great deal of hope that there may yet come a day when we will see it return.’
    • ‘I swear, weekends are getting too chaotic for words.’