Definition of tonsorial in US English:



formal, humorous
  • Relating to hairdressing.

    • ‘Forgive the tonsorial obsession, for which there are two reasons.’
    • ‘Those who know me will know I don't pay much attention to matters tonsorial.’
    • ‘Or maybe it's just the natural camaraderie of the tonsorial parlor.’
    • ‘His tonsorial extravaganza left him with something approaching 5 o'clock stubble on his scalp!’
    • ‘A few of the bolder women stroke the hair of the blondes in our group - the people who live along the Siang are South-East Asian in appearance, and lack variety on the tonsorial front.’
    • ‘I conducted extensive detailed research into the tonsorial tendencies at the beginning of the previous century.’
    • ‘Her eleven-thirty was poised, with scissors and hair-dryer at the ready to perform yet another act of tonsorial topiary on her pretty little head.’
    • ‘But Sam's tonsorial issues are the least of his problems.’
    • ‘I envy the youth of today, who never had to live through an era of such tonsorial, not to say sartorial, horrors.’
    • ‘He was one of the town's two tonsorial artists.’
    • ‘More ugly facial hair comes in the form of a thin vertical line of tonsorial bush dividing the chin area under the bottom lip into two equal parts.’
    • ‘This was the commercial that had an old barber offer his young customer a unique solution to get the tonsorial look he desires.’


Early 19th century: from Latin tonsorius (from tonsor ‘barber’, from tondere ‘shear, clip’) + -al.