Definition of tonneau cover in US English:

tonneau cover


  • A protective cover for the seats in an open car or cabin cruiser when they are not in use.

    • ‘The roof gets a hard tonneau cover and all the windows roll down completely to ensure a slick appearance.’
    • ‘Though the cabin has lots of clever design items, it is somewhat impractical for the storage of odds and ends and boot space is small, a fact made worse by the presence of a bulky tonneau cover.’
    • ‘Imagine a $50,000 pickup with paper stickum on the sides, no 4-wheel drive and a power tonneau cover that makes it impossible to retrieve anything from the front of the truck bed.’
    • ‘The power top is easy to use and worked flawlessly, though this one comes with a hard tonneau cover that takes up a lot of trunk space when it's not in place.’
    • ‘The top's compact folding mechanism stacks it neatly behind the rear seats in just 15 seconds with no manual latches and no need for a tonneau cover.’
    • ‘Fortunately, our bed was lined and protected with a soft tonneau cover, and thus stored all our family gear (including two bikes) for a weekend away.’
    • ‘Rather than lose face, our intrepid medical student parked at the side of the road, zipped up the tonneau cover and strode off, as if there were nothing wrong.’
    • ‘The electric hood is fully automatic and folds away under its own flush-fitting tonneau cover.’
    • ‘As a result, it does not need either a tonneau cover nor a roof lid.’
    • ‘A hard tonneau cover seemed the only way to ensure protection for items in the bed, but the length and weight of the cover would violate the one-person convertibility theme.’
    • ‘Instead of flipping up, an aluminium tonneau cover raises itself and then slides back, making for a quicker operation and a better seal than a traditional hinged cover.’
    • ‘A tonneau cover is fitted to keep prying eyes from the boot content, but it is also designed in such a way that boot access can still be made either through the boot tailgate or its glass screen, which can be opened independently if needed.’
    • ‘Also the luggage area has been given a tonneau cover that moves with the rear seats to maintain its job of keeping articles in the boot from prying eyes.’
    • ‘You can lose most of the remaining space too, if you store the semi-rigid tonneau cover in it.’
    • ‘And I have found the tonneau cover very easy to use after some initial difficulties.’
    • ‘A tonneau cover conceals your gear from prying eyes.’
    • ‘The main issues were in the design of the box, the power tonneau cover, the Dutch cargo doors, the LED strip lights and the large outer panels.’
    • ‘Behind the red and black leather interior was a 5x7 cargo box under a hard plastic tonneau cover.’