Definition of tonkatsu in US English:



  • A Japanese dish of pork coated in breadcrumbs and fried.

    ‘their tonkatsu is freshly cooked’
    • ‘My boyfriend got tonkatsu, which was so juicy and a very fair portion.’
    • ‘The tonkatsu is huge but did not blow us away.’
    • ‘They were tucking into huge platters of tonkatsu.’
    • ‘We made a pork tonkatsu with cherry salsa that was amazing.’
    • ‘I had tonkatsu with miso soup and rice.’
    • ‘Slice the tonkatsu or portion the grilled vegetables and plate along with some cooked rice.’
    • ‘Tonkatsu is comfort food, not a gourmet delicacy.’
    • ‘The dish consists of tonkatsu, a bowl of hearty beef and potato curry, and steamed rice.’
    • ‘For lunch I had the tonkatsu, and the pork was cooked absolutely perfectly.’
    • ‘The pork in the tonkatsu is dry and cut in chunks rather than in even slices.’


The words tonkatsu and tonkotsu are often confused. Tonkatsu means ‘a Japanese dish of pork coated in breadcrumbs and fried’, whereas tonkotsu means ‘a Japanese broth made from pork marrow’


Japanese, from ton ‘pig, pork’ + katsu ‘cutlet’.