Definition of tonification in US English:



  • See tonify

    • ‘Herbal teas intended for tonification can be augmented by setting the cup of tea on a South Magnetized surface for an hour or so before drinking.’
    • ‘In many cases, the patients are instructed to continue herbal therapy at a much lower dose in pill form for long-term tonification.’
    • ‘Eventually the constant mild nourishing tonification, combined with strict avoidance of coffee and alcohol, perhaps will begin to soften the hardened cells.’
    • ‘For some people who only need slight tonification, they can take the regular powdered dosage of 1-2 grams every third, fifth or seventh day.’
    • ‘I continued doing acupuncture for his aches and pains and suggested a moxa box so he could do additional kidney tonification as winter was coming and he was starting to feel the cold.’