Definition of tongue depressor in US English:

tongue depressor


  • An instrument, typically a small flat piece of wood, used by health practitioners to press down the tongue in order to allow inspection of the mouth or throat.

    • ‘The small closet swayed and packages of tongue depressors, bandages, pill bottles and other items showered from the upper shelves.’
    • ‘The gag reflex is elicited by stroking the pharyngeal mucosa with a cotton-tipped applicator or tongue depressor.’
    • ‘He looked quite toxic and I didn't use a tongue depressor.’
    • ‘Some doctors are using improvised equipment such as paperclips and clothes pegs to treat their patients, it is claimed, and solutions such as using wooden tongue depressors to splint the limbs of premature babies.’
    • ‘Medical ‘equipment’ amounts to little more than a computer, a printer, a few chairs, a stethoscope, and some tongue depressors.’
    • ‘How do you write regulations that cover devices ranging from tongue depressors and crutches to defibrillator pacemakers and MRI machines?’
    • ‘After I described my symptoms and he stuck a tongue depressor down my throat, he sent me down the hall for a blood test, which cost 15 yuan.’
    • ‘He opened a clear jar on a nearby counter and pulled out a simple wooden tongue depressor.’
    • ‘They also produce toothpicks, tongue depressors, and other medical supplies.’
    • ‘The father and child left, the young Afghan sporting a nicely rigged splint made of tongue depressors and bandages on one hand and a coloring book in the other.’
    • ‘Guess how many old growth trees are cut down every year to make these tasteless tongue depressors?’
    • ‘It is understood that all should have blood pressure apparatus, stethoscope, percussion hammer, flashlight, tongue depressors, and thermometers as well as sterile syringes and needles or equipment with which to sterilize them.’
    • ‘A stethoscope whipped past, followed by tongue depressors and a DNA sampler.’
    • ‘There wasn't a stethoscope, tongue depressor, or thermometer in sight.’
    • ‘We had no forks or plates, so we hacked off big slabs of cake, put them in emesis basins, and ate them with tongue depressors.’


tongue depressor

/təŋ dəˈprɛsər/