Definition of toner in US English:



  • 1An astringent liquid applied to the skin to reduce oiliness and improve its condition.

    • ‘Topical creams, lotions, gels and toners promote circulation, stimulate fat burning and tone skin for a smoother look.’
    • ‘Though some toners may make skin tingle, redness and stinging from any product several minutes after application are symptoms that skin is being irritated.’
    • ‘I mean, they're not very manly, are they, all those scented essential oils, moisturising creams and skin toners?’
    • ‘Diana started with a rehydrating rose petal cleanser and toner to boost dry skin.’
    • ‘The face mask left my skin feeling soft and with a healthy glow, but the toner left my skin feeling raw.’
    • ‘If you have predominantly oily skin throughout the seasons, opt for a toner that contains witch hazel, instead.’
    • ‘Essential oils can be used in making homemade lotions, facial toners, shampoos, perfumes, soaps, shower gels, and other natural products.’
    • ‘You can use this recipe after your bath or shower or as a toner any time your skin could use a pick-me-up!’
    • ‘To combat oilier skin come summer, add a toner to your skin-care routine to remove surface oil, and choose oil-free moisturizers.’
    • ‘On her stand was examples of body creams cleansers, toners, also ranges of skin products for young, mature, dry, oily and combination skin.’
    • ‘Choose a toner appropriate for your skin type, and look for toners without alcohol, colors or artificial fragrance.’
    • ‘Hydrosols can be used in place of water in creating facial toners and other skin care products.’
    • ‘If you have normal skin, use a dry skin formula during the winter and an oily-skin toner during the summer.’
    • ‘Of course, you'll probably need to try a few out to find the best one for your skin but, as a general rule, pick alcohol-free formulations for dry skin and pick mattifying or shine-control toners for oily skin.’
    • ‘Alcohol-based astringents and toners can make skin even drier.’
    • ‘Shampoos, face oils, cleansers and toners, shower gels, bubble baths, moisturisers and massage oils can be made quickly and easily.’
    • ‘You may also consider using a toner or astringent after washing your face.’
    • ‘To make your own simple cosmetic skin toner, dilute 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar with 3/4 distilled water.’
    • ‘In addition, toners containing high concentrations of alcohol can dry out the skin and should be avoided.’
    • ‘While exercises can help build muscle and tone to support your skin and make it look less flabby, you can do a lot to improve your appearance with lotions and toners.’
  • 2with modifier A device or exercise for making a specified part of the body firmer and stronger.

    ‘a tummy toner’
    • ‘But there is a drawback for those hoping it's possible to shape up without punishing gym sessions, simply by relaxing in front of the television while a toner does all the work.’
    • ‘The facility also includes a sauna, running machines, exercise bikes, steppers and a selection of weights and toners.’
  • 3A black or colored powder used in xerographic copying processes.

    • ‘The water running off my hands is black from toner and ink.’
    • ‘I was doing a large amount of photocopying in the last half of my day at the software company, and the photocopier ran out of toner.’
    • ‘Printers use high temperatures to fuse toner on to paper, which is heavy on electricity.’
    • ‘I put the toner cartridge back in, and everything printed fine.’
    • ‘The 300MHz processor will rip through graphics and the toner cartridge will deliver up to 30,000 pages.’
    • ‘Mono printers generally use a single photocopier-type cartridge of black powdered toner.’
    • ‘Customers typically spend twice as much on ink cartridges and toner than on the actual printer over the life of the product.’
    • ‘Residents can drop their old printer, photocopier and toner cartridges in boxes at Lewisham libraries for recycling.’
    • ‘Reinsert the laser toner cartridge, close the printer, reconnect the power cord, and you are done.’
    • ‘The retailer will turnover £100 million this year through sales of printer consumables - inks, toners, and ribbons.’
    • ‘Desktop inkjet ink-tanks typically last for a few hundred sheets, but the toner cartridge of a laser printer will usually last well over 3,000 copies.’
    • ‘Coloured inks are more expensive than black toner and colour printers use powder, liquid or solid inks depending on the printing process.’
    • ‘Sally stops and puts the toner cartridge back into the printer.’
    • ‘Members of the public can participate by depositing their used toner cartridges in the collection boxes in the front porch of the town hall, Penrith, and in the entrance foyer of Penrith Library.’
    • ‘You get charged a fixed amount - say 5c a copy - to cover toner, paper and service, and the responsibility for these items then falls on the service company.’
    • ‘Laser toner can also contain potentially hazardous compounds, such as styrene, ethyl benzene, and xylene isomers.’
    • ‘When the school's copy machine ran out of toner, lack of money meant it was not an option to replace it.’
    • ‘Printers use high temperatures to fuse toner on to paper and so they are heavy on electricity.’
    • ‘I did not have a clue how to change the toner cartridge, but figured it couldn't be that difficult.’
    • ‘Black and white lasers use black toner, and are relatively inexpensive and common in both homes and small offices.’
    1. 3.1usually with adjective or noun modifier A chemical bath for changing the color or shade of a photographic print, especially as specified.
      ‘sepia or blue toners’
      • ‘Left of center a circular form hovers between the foreground and back-ground: both cell-like and lunar, it is concealed and revealed by waves of golden brown toner.’
      • ‘Papers that give more neutral mushroom hues will colour up nicely in selenium or gold toners, to which these prints are very responsive.’
      • ‘After toning in sepia or brown toner, treat prints for 2 to 5 minutes in working solution.’
      • ‘The print on the right is toned in selenium and brown toners.’
      • ‘So I pulled the print after only 2 minutes in the brown toner.’
      • ‘The latter produces wonderful clean blues of a hue never seen with conventional prints in this toner.’
      • ‘More than one minute in the toner causes the prints to turn an unpleasant purplish color.’
      • ‘Agitate the print frequently during the toning period - five to ten minutes, depending on the condition of the toner.’
      • ‘Then, discard the toner, wash the print, and pour in the gold stoning solution.’
      • ‘After I toned my prints in brown toner I washed them for two hours.’
      • ‘Selenium remains the most popular toner among fine art photographers.’
      • ‘This is definitely a factor in the final print color, even after toning in selenium and brown toner.’
      • ‘The sepia toner takes longer to act than normal and 5 minutes should be allowed.’
      • ‘Reduction seems to take place mainly in the darkest part of the image so selenium toner can be used to reduce prints that lack contrast in the shadow areas.’
      • ‘A blue toner alone cannot produce brown or red tones, but in conjunction with sepia and gold toners excellent examples of both are possible.’
      • ‘The most popular is selenium toner, which deepens the blacks and shadow areas of the print, adding depth and dimension.’
      • ‘Selenium toner also cools the tone of the paper and makes the print more archival.’
      • ‘Don't re-use the blue or dilute sepia toners.’
      • ‘Gold toner added density but did not change the color appreciably.’
      • ‘Finally, the print is washed again to remove excess toner and then dried.’