Definition of tomorrow morning (or afternoon etc.) in US English:

tomorrow morning (or afternoon etc.)


  • In the morning (or afternoon etc.) of tomorrow.

    • ‘Telephone bookings for the general public will only be accepted from tomorrow morning.’
    • ‘It'll be a soggy old world in Somerset tomorrow morning, even soggier than it was this morning.’
    • ‘They promised to fix it this morning, but now it's going to take until tomorrow morning.’
    • ‘I suggest you call us again at 8.30am tomorrow morning, and we'll try and fit you in later the same day.’
    • ‘Normal service will therefore resume tomorrow morning, probably with a sentimental photograph.’
    • ‘They say that late tomorrow morning the president will be coming here to see what he can do to help.’
    • ‘It was a good end to a working week, even if I have to work tomorrow morning.’
    • ‘Well, both ships will arrive in the area tomorrow afternoon, Saturday afternoon local time.’
    • ‘I leave in the early afternoon, and I return tomorrow afternoon.’
    • ‘There are no major outstanding problems and so hopefully tomorrow morning will be fairly trouble-free.’