Definition of toll plaza in US English:

toll plaza


  • A row of tollbooths on a toll road.

    • ‘The three students were in two cars and en route to Miami on Friday when authorities stopped them on Interstate 75 after one of the vehicles allegedly went through a toll plaza without paying.’
    • ‘This news follows last week's revelation that a toll plaza may soon be constructed on the Newbridge bypass.’
    • ‘There is no advantage to the motorist to be had from building huge toll plazas.’
    • ‘The agency owns about 55 toll plazas in the country but operates only 27.’
    • ‘If politicians thought they could get away with putting toll plazas on sidewalks, they would do it.’
    • ‘Traffic was still motionless, so they had no problem weaving between the vehicles and making their way toward the toll plaza.’
    • ‘The planting will include heavy standard trees and specimen shrub plants, which even after a year will eliminate views of the vehicles approaching and leaving the toll plaza.’
    • ‘According to the Automobile Association it is expected that 14,000 vehicles will pass through the proposed toll plaza every day.’
    • ‘Some containers from overseas ports are now outfitted with electronic tags that act similarly to the transponders put on cars so they can pass through toll plazas without stopping.’
    • ‘I passed by Jersey City, and as I neared a toll plaza, I looked east and saw the sprawling mass of buildings that I belatedly recognized as New York City.’
    • ‘There are also concerns that a toll plaza will result in traffic by-passing the toll plaza and using the existing road.’
    • ‘Because the toll gates are on the Swedish side, inquisitive Danes have simply been driving across the bridge, turning around at the toll plaza and heading home.’
    • ‘The Drogheda toll plaza is not yet a public-private partnership project.’
    • ‘The chaos at the toll plaza on the M50 motorway continues apace.’
    • ‘Now there's been a breakdown at Milson's Point on the Cahill Expressway, approaching the north toll plaza, that's closed the city bound lane.’
    • ‘All expressways in Japan are currently tolled, but are severely congested due to the toll plazas.’
    • ‘Between this and Knockhouse Upper there will be a road, complete with toll plaza.’
    • ‘It is not the most efficient use of the motorist's dollar to invest it in concrete toll plazas that are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and to pay an administration cost for all of that.’
    • ‘Four mainline toll plazas are envisaged in the Eastern Cape and the proposed N2 route includes 90 km of new road construction through Pondoland in two sections between Port St Johns and Mtamvuna.’
    • ‘We filmed at the old gun emplacements located next to the toll plaza of the Golden Gate Bridge.’


toll plaza

/toʊl ˈplɑzə/