Definition of tolerator in US English:



  • See tolerate

    • ‘Ungulates, with their large molars for grinding large amounts of low-quality food, can be considered tolerators.’
    • ‘Tolerance can only be ‘given’ in situations where the people being ‘tolerated’ do what the tolerators want them to do - i.e., where an unequal power relationship exists.’
    • ‘Both pines are sclerophyllous like tolerators, as are dawn redwood and bald cypress.’
    • ‘Breeders, competitors and tolerators are useful as categories, but are more informative as quantified axes, or polarities.’
    • ‘Three theoretical polarities are widely recognized and are here called breeders (with emphasis or reproduction), competitors (with emphasis on agonistic behavior), and tolerators (with emphasis on coping with resource shortages).’