Definition of Toledoan in US English:



  • A native or inhabitant of the US city of Toledo in Ohio.

    ‘two native Toledoans wrote the screenplay’
    • ‘The native Toledoan said he planned to relate these and many other anecdotes in an autobiography.’
    • ‘The east side is home to The Docks, featuring restaurants that draw Toledoans and people from outlying communities.’
    • ‘The famous TV physician offered tips for Toledoans looking to live healthier lives.’
    • ‘People on social media reported seeing Toledoans as far away as Lima and Delaware, Ohio.’
    • ‘Attila Records was owned by another Toledoan.’
    • ‘Connections to numerous politicians and other prominent Toledoans emerged after his arrest.’
    • ‘The purchase rankled Toledoans who were suspicious of the secrecy of the source of the money.’