Definition of Toledan in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the Spanish city of Toledo or its inhabitants.

    ‘a typical 16th century Toledan house’
    • ‘After a typical Toledan lunch of partridge cooked with vinegar, herbs, and lots of onion, we decided to leave those visions behind.’
    • ‘His influence continued in Toledan painting in the hands of followers such as Antonio de Comontes.’
    • ‘The design of the implements in the latter Bible and the composition as a whole show much in common with the Toledan predecessor.’


  • 1A native or inhabitant of the Spanish city of Toledo.

    ‘the leading Toledans were invited to a banquet’
    • ‘Most Toledans now live outside the city, though some families have remained in their wood-framed homes for centuries.’
    • ‘The association will certainly pay off for Toledans looking to build a new house.’
    • ‘Many Toledans decided to unload their canvases on wealthy foreigners just before the tides of taste began to turn.’
  • 2

    ‘the association will pay off for Toledans looking to build a new house’
    variant spelling of Toledoan