Definition of tokamak in US English:



  • A toroidal apparatus for producing controlled fusion reactions in hot plasma.

    • ‘Fusioneers have worried that bigger tokamaks would require a much stronger magnetic-field ‘bottle’ to confine the superhot plasma that fusion requires.’
    • ‘Currently the most developed plasma configuration is produced in the doughnut-shaped tokamak.’
    • ‘As discussed earlier, full steady-state operation in a tokamak requires that the inductive plasma current is completely replaced by a non-inductive one.’
    • ‘In the tokamak, two powerful electromagnets create fields that are so powerful that they can hold a hot plasma in place as readily as a person can hold an orange in her hand.’
    • ‘The most common mechanism for controlling plasma reactions today is called a tokamak, originally designed by the Russian physicist Lee Artsimovich in the late 1950s.’


1960s: Russian, from toroidalʹnaya kamera s magnitnym polem ‘toroidal chamber with magnetic field’.