Definition of toe-tapping in US English:



  • (of music) making one want to tap one's feet; lively.

    • ‘The song passed the true test of toe-tapping pop: my daughter danced around the den, unable to resist.’
    • ‘The musical numbers are gaudily presented and exhibit a lot of toe-tapping energy.’
    • ‘This is the production that came to the Alhambra, with some cast changes but the same corny lyrics and toe-tapping music.’
    • ‘So you've got the great food, you've got the friendly service, you've got the relaxed atmosphere and toe-tapping music.’
    • ‘And the music makes a perfect match, with its toe-tapping beat and idiosyncratic bells and whistles.’
    • ‘Items ranged from wonderful toe-tapping melodies presented by the vocal groups and choirs, to more formal individual pieces and compositions prepared by senior students as part of their ongoing course work.’
    • ‘The subwoofer rock and the speakers give a fairly rich presentation of his toe-tapping music.’
    • ‘This is a colourful, entertaining show with wonderful toe-tapping Christmas songs, both new and familiar.’
    • ‘The score and songs in the piece walk the same fine line: toe-tapping and catchy when needed, exhibiting a deft modernist shadow-side when the going gets tougher.’
    • ‘The film boasts some great toe-tapping music and a fantastic central performance.’
    • ‘His appeal was never limited to the staid or the traditional listeners of music and his toe-tapping, strict-tempo style had near-universal appeal.’
    • ‘Jam-packed full of toe-tapping song and dance numbers, a pacey storyline and fantastic production values, I can guarantee you'll be humming along as you leave the cinema.’
    • ‘They fill the room with beautiful harmonies and toe-tapping rhythms.’
    • ‘The song is a typical dance track - upbeat, catchy and toe-tapping.’
    • ‘From the toe-tapping dance numbers to show-stopping ballads, a theatrical or motion picture production that manages to properly meld story to song is a marvel to behold and experience.’
    • ‘Shepherd's normal programme is a wonderful mix of button and piano accordion, toe-tapping fiddle and drums.’
    • ‘Based in Dublin and well known in African communities, their lively mix of toe-tapping, hip-swinging music blends French, Lingala and Portuguese.’
    • ‘They clearly enjoy playing early music, and once they forget their reverence, they should treat us to a toe-tapping performance.’
    • ‘These popular toe-tapping energy-packed children's shows offer a fun and entertaining way to introduce young children to the amazing world of orchestral instruments and sounds.’
    • ‘Originally inspired by secular rhythms, Gospel's distinctive toe-tapping church music was hugely influential in rock 'n' roll.’



/tō ˈtapiNG//toʊ ˈtæpɪŋ/