Definition of toe-in in US English:



  • A slight forward convergence of a pair of wheels so that they are closer together in front than behind.

    • ‘The wider 1452 mm rear track has allowed the manufacturer to fit a wider and stiffer twist-beam layout which offers increased toe-in stability and heightened camber stiffness during cornering.’
    • ‘The manufacturer says it stuck with the solid rear axle because ‘it is robust, maintains constant track, toe-in and camber relative to the road surface, and it keeps bodyroll well under control.’’
    • ‘Steer axle toe-out will cause excessive wear on the inside of both tires while toe-in will cause wear on the outside shoulders of the tires.’
    • ‘Only this bike offers adjustability for toe-in in its road brakes via concave/convex washers.’
    • ‘My toe-in was knocked out of line and I suffered from massive understeer in left turns.’