Definition of toddlerhood in US English:



  • See toddler

    • ‘By the time Nat reached toddlerhood, I was being instructed on which classes to sign her up for, which nursery schools to look at, which sports should she play and musical instruments she should master.’
    • ‘At last check, only one of our girls has made it through toddlerhood unscathed and I no longer believe that the feminine gender enters the world magically imbued with an inner ballerina-like grace.’
    • ‘Then I took a closer look, and discovered that the world of dance is rife with language and conventions that tie dancers in people's minds to the realm of infancy and toddlerhood.’
    • ‘Just a couple of weeks ago, a study came out in the journal Pediatrics which claimed that TV watching in toddlerhood contributes to attentional problems in the early elementary years.’
    • ‘But the 2,000 parents of toddlers surveyed said their children were losing the art of inventive, imaginative play which is what toddlerhood should ultimately be about.’