Definition of toadstone in US English:



  • A gem, fossil tooth, or other stone formerly supposed to have been formed in the body of a toad, and credited with therapeutic or protective properties.

    • ‘‘If they arrest you for gambling,’ the pert blonde said abruptly, bringing an armload of toadstones and cat hairballs from the back room, ‘can I run the store?’’
    • ‘He says that toadstone appears to be the same rock that is called whinstone in Scotland, and Mandelstein by the Germans, and it is quite similar to the lavas that have been brought back from Vesuvius.’
    • ‘From the 14th century, toadstones were set in rings for their magical properties.’
    • ‘Four hundred years ago, glass mirrors were as marvelous as starfish, toadstones and sapphires.’
    • ‘Even in earlier literature toadstones have been mentioned and many myths have been woven around them.’