Definition of toadfish in US English:



  • Any of a number of fishes with a wide flattened head.

    a chiefly bottom-dwelling large-mouthed fish of warm seas that can produce loud grunts (family Batrachoididae: several genera)

    • ‘While toadfish and their swimbladder muscles continue to grow throughout life, the cells appear to continue to divide and remain relatively small.’
    • ‘You look at this fish that has a face only a mother toadfish could love.’
    • ‘Accordingly, the swimbladder itself is the source of the most complex forms of sound production in many groups (e.g. toadfishes, searobins and flying gurnards).’
    • ‘There were plenty of unusual sightings - I came across dwarf lionfish, stonefish, toadfish, frogfish and a six-striped soapfish, which I later discovered to be quite a toxic species.’
    • ‘‘Understanding the mechanisms of how the toadfish survives these toxins will help us develop therapies for stroke, liver disease, heart attack and brain injury,’ said Perez.’