Definition of to the touch in US English:

to the touch


  • Used to describe the qualities of something perceived by touching it or the sensations felt by someone who is touched.

    ‘the ankle was swollen and painful to the touch’
    ‘the silk was slightly rough to the touch’
    • ‘It felt sticky to the touch, so we dissuaded my son from sitting in it.’
    • ‘The paper is soft, rough, and unpleasant to the touch, and the typeface and printing quality are a strain to the eye.’
    • ‘My entire face is the colour of a fire engine and sore to the touch.’
    • ‘Her whole body seemed to be throbbing and every millimeter of her skin was painful to the touch.’
    • ‘Inflammation occurs and the lip is tender to the touch and so are, sometimes, the gums.’
    • ‘For some strange reason, everything around seems to be slightly warm to the touch but that may be me.’
    • ‘He's curled up in bed, burning hot to the touch, yet complaining of being cold.’
    • ‘Why are parts of my body cold to the touch when I don't actually feel cold in those places?’
    • ‘The tube gets only slightly warm to the touch, and does not present a burn danger.’
    • ‘They too were covered with small grey bruises, none of them bigger than the nail of my pinky finger and all of them painful to the touch.’