Definition of to the bitter end in US English:

to the bitter end


  • Used to say that one will continue doing something until it is finished, no matter what.

    ‘the workers would fight to the bitter end for safer conditions’
    • ‘The champions, as would be expected of them fought to the bitter end but were unable to pierce a strong Wicklow defence for the match saving goal.’
    • ‘Most of the capacity crowd stayed to the bitter end.’
    • ‘Members of his audience showed their appreciation in the time-honoured fashion with lots of arm waving and frantic dancing - right to the bitter end.’
    • ‘Did he not realise that the Irish fight to the bitter end?’
    • ‘Things were looking a little different this time last week as Polygon indicated it would fight to the bitter end.’
    • ‘The raids were among the last gasps of a defeated McCarthyism that remained lethal to the bitter end.’
    • ‘Therfore, I hereby resolve to stick the play out to the bitter end, no matter how dire.’
    • ‘This war must be fought to the bitter end, and there is only one outcome acceptable both to us and to you: Total and Complete Victory.’
    • ‘And they are prepared to fight to the bitter end to ensure that a smelter plant does not destroy their rural community.’
    • ‘Through it all and to the bitter end he continued to exert a strange fascination over his generals, as he did over the whole German people.’
    • ‘Durability is a must: no matter what sort of beating you've taken in a match, you've still got to be there right to the bitter end.’
    • ‘And while the identity of the villain might be obvious, the tension is strung out to the bitter end, providing some cracking entertainment along the way.’
    • ‘Last week's decision to take the matter to the bitter end at the Court of Appeal was taken at a hastily-convened meeting by just four members.’
    • ‘The U-boat command had no choice but to continue to fight right to the bitter end.’
    • ‘The hand is played to the bitter end, until only one player has cards left, for reasons explained below.’
    • ‘It was a matter of pride and they fought to the bitter end to hold on to it.’
    • ‘This shows once again that you can try to beat down business with socialism, but it will fight back to the bitter end.’
    • ‘But we plan to stick with our search to the bitter end.’
    • ‘And so they will probably defend him pretty close to the bitter end.’
    • ‘While some wanted to see it through to the bitter end and get what was rightfully theirs, others just wanted to see an end to what had been consuming their lives for almost two years.’